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Department of clinical epidemiology of noncommunicable diseases

Керівник – доктор медичних наук, старший науковий співробітник Несен А.О.Head of the Department - Doctor of Medical Sciences (MD, PhD) Nesen A.A.

The Department was founded in 1981 as a laboratory for epidemiology and prevention, whose goal was to preserve the health of the population by evaluation on risk factors and carrying out activities for primary and secondary prevention of Non-communicable diseases (NCD) in different populations. Thanks to this, the Institute of Therapy has become a collaborating center of the World Health Organization in the implementation of epidemiological and preventive programs.

Since 2004 - Department of Population Investigations. Leaders: from 1981 to 1998. - Doctor of Medical Science (MD, PhD) Davydova L.I., from 1998 to 2011 - Doctor of Medical Sciences (MD, PhD) Ermakovich I.I.; from 2011 to the present time - Doctor of Medical Sciences (MD, PhD) Nesen A.A.

The tasks and functions of the Department of Population Investigations


  • Implementation of research and methodological work using new forms and methods of research, achievements of medical science and practical public health; study of the epidemiological features of Non-communicable diseases, first of all, cardiovascular, the evaluation of risk factors on the development and progression of heart and kidney disease, blood vessels and their complications, early diagnosis; search for effective ways of primary and secondary prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in conditions of comorbidity;
  • Study of national and foreign practice in organization, evaluation, analysis of research results with the definition of epidemiological features of Non-communicable diseases;
  • Establishment of leading trends in the development of the most effective preventive interventions;
  • Preparation of normative and methodological documents of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine regarding population strategies for the prevention of Non-communicable diseases, effective elimination of the impact of risk factors on the development and progression of diseases and their complications.


Співробітники відділуStaff members of the department

  • Use of apparatus in the Institute, technical equipment, medicines and other means of medical and economic use available within the limits of the Department necessary for the operation;
  • Organization of Days of specialists, seminars, clinical, scientific and practical conferences, expert commissions, participation in conduction of meetings, medical councils, measures to control the quality and efficiency of the treatment and diagnostic process;
  • Ensuring interaction with other co-implementing agencies that are involved in population research and the development of preventive interventions.

The main scientific directions:

  • Evaluation of comorbidity and its significance in patients with high cardiovascular risk (CVR) and development algorithm for diagnosis and therapy on this basis.
  • Determination of the prognostic value of the main CVR markers for evaluating the effectiveness of treatment of patients with high CVR with associated pathological conditions.
  • Development of effective schemes for the modification of risk factors in patients with high CVR, taking into account the comorbidity at the individual and population levels.
  • Development and introduction in practice of health of methodical recommendations on integrated prophylaxis of diseases in patients with high CVR and comorbidity with the use of modern pharmacotherapy.

The Department has accumulated positive experience in participating in the International Preventive Programs, such as CINDI (Countrywide Integrated Non-communicable Diseases Intervention Program) and the National Integrated Non-communicable Disease Prevention Program (CINDI-Ukraine), the National Diabetes Program, multifactorial prophylaxis of ischemic heart disease, control of hypertension, "Interchaels" and others.

The Department actively cooperates with Departments of the National Research Center "Institute of Cardiology named after acad. M.D. Strazhesko NAMS Ukraine", research and educational Institutions of the region.

The Department has created and is improving a unique information base containing information on the state of health of more than 10 thousand people.

Main research results:

Співробітники відділуStaff members of the department

  • The influence of behavioral, biological and social factors in the development of NCD was established; have been developed diagnostic models and have been determined criteria for the implementation of risk factors and their combinations with respect to the development of NCD.
  • Predictors of changes in lipid metabolism in obesity were determined, interrelations between central hemodynamics indices and anthropometric parameters were determined in the metabolic syndrome, and the contribution of abdominal obesity to hemodynamic disorders in arterial hypertension was determined.
  • Has been proven the effectiveness of primary prevention measures in patients with arterial hypertension and dyslipidaemia, which combine lifestyle modification and drug intervention.
  • Developed and implemented measures for primary and secondary prevention of major therapeutic diseases in the practice of health institutions in Ukraine.
  • The scientific theme of the Department is focused on the priority tasks of medical science that meet the world trends, namely the Global Strategy for Prevention and Control of the World's NCDs (Global Strategy on Prevention and Control of Non-communicable disease); global strategy on diet, physical activity and health (Global Strategy on Diet, Physical activity and Health); the Action Plan on the Global Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable disease.
  • The scientific topics of the Department were submitted for the grant "Horizon 2020", as well as for participation in the WHO-SDC Project "Non-communicable Diseases Prevention and Health Promotion in Ukraine".
  • 12 patents were received, 15 methodical recommendations were issued, 368 scientific papers were published, including 76 articles in specialized publications, 428 theses in scientific and practical conferences and 28 in mass media.
  • In the Department were issued 5 dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences and 9 Candidates of Medical Sciences.
  • For the inventive activity the Department was awarded 4 diplomas of the II degree in the Inventors' Contest, as well as the Prize named after P.I. Shatilov and Diplomas of the Kharkov Medical Society.
  • Senior researcher of the Department M.M. Grunchenko for the development and creation of the "Automated Workplace of a Cardiologist" was awarded a Diploma of the II degree at the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy of the Ukraine in 1989.
  • Researchers of the Department took an active part in the XIV-XVI Congresses of Therapists of Ukraine (1998-2010), VII-XVIII Congresses of Cardiologists of Ukraine (2004-2017), III National Congress of Gerontologists and Geriatrics of Ukraine (2003), III National Congress of Pharmacologists of Ukraine (2004), Russian National Congress of Cardiologists (2001, 2005), I National Congress of Physicians (2006), Plenums of the Board of the Society of Cardiology of Ukraine (2002-2008), Congresses of Nephrologists of Ukraine (2010-2017), the scientific and practical conference "Solved and unsolved issues of Prevention to comorbid patients" within the framework of the VI International Congress (2017), numerous National Congresses and Conferences, including international participation, regional and Institute scientific-practical conferences.

Staff members of the department:

Nesen Andrii Alekseyevich

Valentinova Inna Anatolievna

Chernyshov Vladimir Anatoliyevich

Shkapo Vladimir Leonidovich

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