Shalimova Anna

Shalimova Anna

Leading researcher of the Department of Chronic Non-communicable Disease Prevention, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, therapeutics of the highest qualification category, general practitioner family doctor of the highest qualification category, cardiologist.

Scientific experience – 14 years

Clinical experience – 16 years

Internships: from July 2017 to July 2018 – scientist at the Department of Hypertension and Diabetology of the Medical University of Gdansk (Poland)

International and domestic conferences, symposia:

Dr. A. Shalimova defended her Ph.D. thesis "The mechanisms of development of chronic heart failure at chronic kidney disease” (2010). Dr. A. Shalimova continued her scientific work and defended doctoral thesis "The role of genetic, cardiac hemodynamic and metabolic mechanisms in the development of comorbid pathology – essential hypertension and type 2 diabetes" (2016).

The main scientific interests include risk factors of chronic non-communicable diseases, genetic markers of development and progression of arterial hypertension and diabetes mellitus, methods of primary and secondary prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases.

Awards: Grushevskiy name Scholarship for Young scientists (2009–2010, Ukraine), Alberto Ferrari Poster Prize at the Meeting of the European Society of Hypertension (2016, France), Young Investigator Award (1st place) at the XVII National Congress of Cardiologists of Ukraine (2016, Ukraine), Global Health Travel Award winner at the Keystone Symposium on Diabetes and Obesity (2017, USA), the Diploma for Excellent Case Presentation at the Medical Seminar on Diabetes of the Open Medical Institute (2017, Austria), Young Investigator Award Winner at the European Congress of Endocrinology (2017, Portugal), Award for the best scientific work at the Congress of the American Society of Hypertension (2018, USA), AFHRE Travel Award for Patient-Oriented or Clinical Research in Hypertension at the Congress of the American Society of Hypertension (2018, USA),Award of the President of Ukraine for Young Scientists (2019), Scholarship of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for Young Scientists (2020-2022)

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