Storozhenko Tatyana Yevgenyevna

Storozhenko Tatyana Yevgenyevna, Junior Researcher of the Department of Prevention and Treatment of Emergency Conditions.

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2013 – graduated from Kharkiv National Medical University.

She has been working at the Institute since 2018. Since 2020 and till now she is writing PhD thesis entitled “The role of macrophage migration inhibitory factor in predicting the efficacy of reperfusion therapy in ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction”. Medical specialties: cardiology, general practice. Scientific experience - 4 years, clinical experience - 9 years.

Activities: Research work in the Department of Prevention and Treatment of Emergency Conditions. Medical work in the intensive care unit of the Institute and consultations in the outpatient clinic. From 2019 she is a head of the Council of Young Scientists of the Institute and coordinates the organization of annual scientific and practical conference of young scientists and doctors with international participation.

Publications: 45 publications, including 1 invention registration certificate.

Member of the European Society of Cardiology, Heart Failure Association of the ESC, European Atherosclerosis Society.