Nikiforova Yana Vasilyevna


Dr. Nikiforova Yana is Senior Researcher of the Division for the Study of the Digestive diseases and its Comorbidity with Noncommunicable Diseases, MD, PhD.

Scientific experience – 9 years.

Clinical experience - 16 years.

Scientific title: candidate of medical sciences (doctor of philosophy) – MD, PhD

Specialization: gastroenterologist, therapist

Dr. Nikiforova Yana is Board Certified in First Category.

Participation in specialized associations:
Full member:
- Ukrainian Association of Gastroenterologists;
- Ukrainian Association of Preventive Medicine;
- Ukrainian Association of Physicians;
- European Gastroenterological Association;
- Chair of the Young talent group of the Ukrainian Gastroenterological Association;
- Representative of young gastroenterologists from Ukraine in the Young talent group of the European Gastroenterological Association.
Professional development / Participation in international and domestic conferences, symposia:
- annual national schools and congresses of gastroenterologists, hepatologists of Ukraine;
- annual congresses of the Ukrainian Postgraduate Gastroenterological Association (EAGEN);
- annual international postgraduate education in the framework of the European Gastroenterology Week (UEG week);
-annual international scientific and practical conferences of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine;
- postgraduate international education at the World Health Organization (WGO) - practical school on microbiota (Texas Medical Center, 2018); World Congress of Gastroenterology (WGO, Turkey, Istanbul, 2019);
- an annual speaker at scientific and practical all-Ukrainian and international conferences, meetings of the Kharkov Scientific and Medical Society.
Scientific medical works: author / co-author of 167 scientific works (scientific medical articles (VAK, SCOPUS, Web of Sciences, Googl Scholar, etc.), patents of Ukraine, Copyright for scientific works, monographs, reports at international and all-Ukrainian conferences).

Diplomas, awards, grants:
Awarded with certificates and diplomas:
- Honorary diploma of the Department of Health of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration for many years of conscientious work, high professionalism, significant personal contribution to the development of the healthcare industry, active public position, 2015;
- Diploma of the 1st degree of the Kharkiv Regional Council of Inventors and Rationalizes for the victory in the regional competition "Young innovator of Kharkiv region in the nomination" Innovation solutions in medicine ", Kharkiv, 2016;
- Diploma for the best scientific report at the All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference "Medical science in the practice of protecting health", Poltava, 2016;
- Diploma of the 2nd degree for scientific work - the winner of the competition of scientific works of young gastroenterologists in the framework of the VI Congress of the Ukrainian Association of Gastroenterologists, Kiev, 2017;
- Diploma of the 1st degree of the winner of the competition of scientific works of young scientists - gastroenterologists as part of the X Ukrainian Week of Gastroenterologists, Dnipro, 2018;
- Grants for postgraduate education, travel grants from United European Gastroenterology for the best scientific work (2017, 2019, 2020).

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Telephone +38 (057) 373-90-59