Valentinova Inna Anatolievna


         Surname, first name, patronymic: Valentinova Inna Anatolievna

Speciality: medical affair, cardiology

Level of proficiency: second

Position: Junior research associate

Scientific length: 17 years

Clinical length: 26 years

Postgraduate education: In 2013 - passed specialization courses in cardiology. In 2014 - pre-certification cycle on cardiology. In 2015 - thematic improvement on the urgent endocrinology. 01.08.1991-30.06.1992 courses on the basis of the Research Institute of Therapeutics, specializing in “Therapy”. 02.06.1996-31.08.1998 - studied in clinical residency on the basis of the Kharkov Academy of Postgraduate Medical Education  and completed a full course in cardiology.

Have a second higher education: in 2009 I graduated from the National Pharmaceutical University and received a full higher education.

International and native scientific conferences:  the annual therapeutical readings devoted to recollection of academician L.T. Malaya (2004-2017), the Ukrainian school in preventive medicine “Risk factors of Non-communicable diseases: from ivestigations to practice” (Kharkov, 2016),  scientific symposium “Prevention is a basis for combined approach to human health” (Kharkov, 2016), training program for physicians “Express course of professional improvement” (Kharkov, 2016), the annual congress “Person and Drugs-Ukraine” (Kiev, Kharkov, 2011-2017) and others.

Fields of research interests, clinical work: population studies combined reduction of cardiovascular risk factors, diagnostics of cardiovascular diseases; diagnostic methods of daily monitoring of ECG and blood pressure.