Nikiforova Yana Vasilyevna


Researcher of the the Division for the Study of the Digestive diseases and its Comorbidity with Noncommunicable Diseases, gastroenterologist, therapist, MD, PhD.

Scientific experience - 5 years.

Clinical experience - 12 years.

International and domestic conferences, symposia: annual national congresses of gastroenterologists of Ukraine; annual national schools of gastroenterologists, hepatologists of Ukraine; annual congresses of the Ukrainian gastroenterological association with postgraduate education (EAGEN); postgraduate education within the European gastroenterological week, October, 2017, Barcelona; International scientific and practical conference of young scientists dedicated to the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2018; Practical School for Microbiology (WGO), Texas Medical Center, 2018. Active member of the Ukrainian Association of Gastroenterologists, Ukrainian Association of Preventive Medicine. Chair of the Council of Young Scientists of the Ukrainian Gastroenterological Association; Young Talent Group United European Gastroenterology's Friend from Ukraine. In 2018 she defended her thesis on the topic: "Correction of eating behavior in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and obesity background of hypertension."
Participated in the scientific work within the framework of the research on acid-dependent diseases of the upper gastrointestinal tract associated with H.pylori, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. At present she is the co-executor of the research work  "Develop a new technology of personified treatment of patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease against metabolic disorders."

She takes an active part in the scientific activity of the Institute. I make presentations at scientific and practical conferences of the SI ┬źNIT named by L.T. Malaya of the NAMS of Ukraine┬╗, meetings of the Kharkov Scientific and Medical Society. I participate in scientific congresses and conferences of Ukraine, as well as international symposia.

I have Diplomas: The Diploma of the Department of Health of the Kharkov regional state administration for long-term conscientious work, high professionalism, significant personal contribution to the development of the healthcare sector, active public position, 2015; the Diploma of the administration of the Institute for high professionalism, creative scientific activity aimed at realizing the tasks of modern medicine and on the occasion of the professional holiday - the Day of Science, 2016; the Diploma for the best scientific report at the All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Medical science in the practice of health", Poltava, 2016; the Diploma of the 1st degree of the Kharkov Regional Board of Inventors and Innovators for the victory in the regional contest "Young innovator of Kharkiv in the nomination" Innovation in medicine medicine", Kharkov, 2016p.; the Diploma 2 degrees for scientific work - the winner of the competition of scientific works of young scientists in the framework of the VI Congress of the Ukrainian Association of Gastroenterologists, Kiev, 2017; the  Diploma the 1st degree of the competition of scientific works of young scientists-gastroenterologists within the framework of the 10th Ukrainian Week of Gastroenterologists, Dnipro, 2018.

I am the author of 103 scientific works.

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Telephone +38 (057) 373-90-59